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Award Categories

The Canterbury Heritage Awards recognise the achievement of heritage conservation in the following categories.

Supreme Award:

Judged by the panel of judges from the six award category winners. The Champion of Heritage Champions.

Proudly sponsored by: Christchurch Heritage Trust

Seismic Award:

Recognition of commitment, investment or a unique solution to earthquake strengthening which has saved or will now protect a heritage building or structure.

Proudly sponsored by Ceres NZ

Heritage Tourism Award:

Cultural tourist attraction award. This includes cultural precincts, events and heritage destinations and attractions.

Proudly sponsored by: Continental Catering

Future Heritage Award:

This award will recognise a new building showing sensitivity to the streetscape and landscape and one which will secure a cultural legacy for the future.

Proudly sponsored by: Wilkie + Bruce

Domestic – Saved and Restored Award:

Retention and Restoration of domestic architecture more than 50 years old. Rehabilitation, adaptive reuse or continued maintenance are all eligible.

Proudly sponsored by: Simons Construction

Public Realm – Saved and Restored Award:

Retention and Restoration of a public or commercial building or structure more than 50 years old. Public realm is defined as any publicly owned streets, pathways, right of ways, parks, publicly accessible open spaces and any public and civic building and facilities. The quality of our public realm is vital if we are to be successful in creating environments that people want to live and work in.

Proudly sponsored by Mapei

Outstanding Contribution to Heritage Award:

The telling of the Canterbury/Christchurch story by an organisation, group or individual. Includes publications, education programmes, exhibitions, websites or activities that promote heritage retention, conservation and education. Heritage advocacy.

Proudly sponsored by: Heritage New Zealand

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